American Outlets Merchants Program

Reach millions of new loyal customers and increase sales at zero cost

American Outlets is a fully managed platform that takes the guesswork out of personalized sales and end-to-end shipping for merchants. We are experts in e-commerce and turnkey shipping, product listing and pricing, currency, merchandising, logistics, and customer support.

Selling online with American Outlets is transparent, affordable, and hassle-free. Sign up today and get your products in front of our extensive 4M+ database of new loyal customers.

We deliver

One-Click Integration

American Outlets merchant setup is seamless. With just one click you can get your template and catalog data to us for product listing

Easy Shipping

We handle all shipping steps and details — our merchants only ship orders to our Florida fulfillment center.

Enhanced Search

We only display search results on products that match search criteria, this is part of the exceptional user experience we deliver to our customers

Product Sourcing

American Outlets offers quality products in line with product policy and shipping


We serve up listing, product, and customer support according to our extensive database of personal preferences

User Experience

We deliver a powerful user experience and convenient website navigation to online customers

Shipping Taxes

We handle all fees and related issues ensuring a seamless shipping experience

Easy Returns

We also handle returns with RMA Easy Returns and American Outlets customers can return any product in just one click

24/7 Support

American Outlets takes care of all client and customer support providing a top'notch experience on every step of customer journey

Why partnering with us

Most frequent questions and answers

In just one click merchant integration is completed via one of our merchant partners like GoDataFeed, ChannelAdvisor, our Amazon or eBay plugin, and more. It’s as seamless as mapping any other template. In one simple click you get access to millions of new customers that crave your products.

We simplify delivery for our merchant partners and their customers. Merchants choose individual or bulk shipping for orders to our warehouse in Hollywood, Florida. We can consolidate orders regardless of where orders are placed. You simply ship all products to us in bulk and we take care of the rest.

You only ship to our warehouse in Florida within 2-3 days where your products will be fulfilled to your customers by us. We handle everything once products are checked-in at our warehouse.

  • We have a custom contract and integration with UPS for highest last-mile service
  • Customers can purchase products from multiple merchants in the same checkout cart
  • All ordered products arrive at our warehouse in Hollywood, Florida to be shipped to customers
  • We consolidate merchant orders to one shipment, keeping shipping costs low for merchants
  • We take care of all shipping fees
  • We even take care of returns for our merchants too
  • Are ready to outperform competitors in GMV
  • Provide aggressive branded prices
  • Have closeout and inline product inventories
  • Would like to increase sales without dipping into the marketing budget

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We bridge the gap for brands and resellers.
From end-to-end fulfillment, shipping and returns to top-scale marketing, we make online sales easy and profitable. Join us today.

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